“Vozrozhdenie” company intends to implement a project on self-protective structures in Turkmenistan

“Vozrozhdenie” company intends to implement a project on self-protective structures in Turkmenistan

At the XIX universal exhibition "White City-Ashgabat", which was held today in the building of the chamber of Commerce and industry, a number of foreign construction companies were represented, which for many years have been reliable partners of Turkmenistan in the construction of industrial, social, and infrastructure facilities. One of these companies is “Vozrozhdenie”, one of the largest holding companies in the North-Western region of the Russian Federation.

In our country, the company opened a branch in 2009, and since that time, more than 25 infrastructure objects have been built and put into operation, such as automobile interchanges, roads, bridge structures and other objects.

On the territory of Turkmenistan, “Vozrozhdenie” has its own fleet of modern road construction and motor vehicles from leading manufacturers, which includes up to 200 vehicles. The company has at its disposal concrete and asphalt plants, production of Vibro-pressed products, mining complex, Central laboratory. For example, in Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi, three ABZ issued 2 million tons of asphalt concrete, BSU with a workshop for the production of concrete products produced about 450,000 m3 of concrete, the quarry "Kyarikariz" processed and shipped more than 8,000,000 tons of inert materials.

This year, the company intends to implement a number of promising projects in Turkmenistan. One of them-the construction of a complex of self-protective structures in the southern part of Ashgabat - was presented at the Caspian exhibition of innovative technologies in “Avaza” last year.

Since our capital is located on the foothill plain at the Northern slopes of the Central part of Kopetdag, it falls into the zone of influence of mudflows. 12 of them are potentially dangerous for the city. As part of the project, it is planned to install 7 mudflow traps. The potential of one protective selenium accumulator is designed to receive the maximum volume of mudflow, withstanding the estimated seismic activity of 9-9.5 points without destruction, the company's press release reports. When the mudflow passes, a solid mass will remain in the accumulative mudflow - clay, silt, sand, stones, and filtered water will be removed by a system of pumps. The solid mass of the mudflow after water removal can be easily cleaned and removed by dump trucks.

This concept is proposed by the company taking into account all the norms and standards existing for structures of this type. ‘Sevkavgiprovodkhoz”, one of the largest and oldest design institutes in the Russian Federation, took part in the development of the project.it has extensive experience in designing similar structures around the world.

The “Vozrozhdenie” group of companies includes quarries and factories for the extraction and processing of natural stone and crushed stone, alluvial sand, its own motor transport enterprise, road and bridge construction organizations, a design Bureau and a landscape design firm.

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