The head of Turkmenistan congratulated his compatriots on the occasion of “Oraza bayramy”

The head of Turkmenistan congratulated his compatriots on the occasion of “Oraza bayramy”

Today, Turkmen citizens celebrate the end of the Muslim Holy month of Oraza. On this occasion, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed his compatriots with a congratulatory message, which, in particular, reads:

"I cordially congratulate you on the occasion of “Oraza bayramy”, which proclaims the high ideals of humanism, solidarity and good morals.

“Oraza Bayramy” is one of the oldest holidays, formed over many centuries on the basis of the rich life experience of many peoples, including the Turkmen, symbolizing the triumph of such eternal spiritual values as spiritual purity, morality, humanity, good morals and nobility.

In the month of Oraza years "Turkmenistan – the homeland of Neutrality", honoring the Holy Quran a Book revealed by Almighty God, respected traditional religious practices, this sadaqah-agyzachar, lifted up prayers for the welfare of the people and prosperity of our homeland. This further strengthens the spiritual health of our society, the moral perfection of the nation, our unity, confirms the continuity of national traditions and customs, holidays and celebrations, contributes to the education of generations in a high spirit of patriotism and humanism, increases the sense of pride in the glorious past and present, gives confidence in the future.

The accumulated and formed over the centuries spiritual and material values of the people, the principles governing social relations, noble family traditions, such as respect for elders, respect for parents, hospitality, justice, form the basis of national education. That is why we pay great attention to the harmonious development of our society and state, strengthening unity and cohesion in accordance with high moral and humanistic ideals and cultural and spiritual values. Today, we are developing and honorably continuing these humane principles.

In accordance with the motto "The State for people!" successfully implementing large-scale transformations in order to consistently improve social living standards and welfare of the people, consolidate our country's position in a number of authoritative States, which is steadily developing in political, economic and cultural-humanitarian directions.

Honorably continuing the principles of peace, goodwill, friendship and fraternity, we purposefully pursue a policy that meets national and universal interests, global goals of peace, security and well – being," President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said in his Address to the Turkmen people.

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