After a little rain on Thursday-weather in Ashgabat for a week

After a little rain on Thursday-weather in Ashgabat for a week

Spring is in full swing in Ashgabat: romantic clouds in the sky, fresh mountain air, still cool evenings, field poppies and daisies in the lawns… It would seem that a little more of this beauty, and the city will come mercilessly hot summer. The air temperature during the day often warms up to 30 °, but due to the North-West wind, the influence of heat is not felt so much.

But spring does not want to give up its rights yet and reminds of itself with may rains and thunderstorms.

So today, on Monday, we are waiting for the afternoon rain, which will last until night. Humidity will reach 59%. The rain will not stop there and will continue its program the next day.

Tuesday, according to forecasters, will be marked by rain. Humidity is expected to reach 61 %, and in the morning. The air on this day will warm up to 20 °, and in the evening the temperature will drop to 16 °, but due to the wind and wet weather it will feel like 11 °

On Wednesday, in the morning, rain is also possible, the temperature in the afternoon will not exceed 25 ° the wind Direction will change to the South-East by the evening.

On Thursday, the first half of the day will be cloudy, but starting from lunch to 17-00, a small rain is possible. Temperature up to 26 °. By evening, the South-easterly wind will again give way to the North-westerly.

After the rain on Thursday, according to many weather channels, rain is not expected, but clear Weather-Yes. Although some forecasters prefer to see a small day's rain on Friday (30%). The daytime temperature will reach 30 °. By the way, the UV index on this day will be very high: those who are sensitive to UV are strongly recommended to avoid direct sunlight.

On Saturday morning partly cloudy, overcast, temperature 28 °, chance of rain, and this probability the same "skeptical-minded" forecasters tend to see even the storm.

On Sunday, the daily temperature is expected to rise to 31 °, which does not exclude the presence of rain.

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