A new bus station is being built in Dashoguz

A new bus station is being built in Dashoguz

The construction of a new modern bus station in Dashoguz is being carried out by specialists of the economic society "Muhammet-Balkan", the website "Turkmenistan: Golden age" reports.

During the construction of the object, high-quality construction and finishing materials will be used, the design of the building will reflect the national stylization, including the traditional carpet ornamentation for the Dashoguz velayat.

The total area of the bus station is three hectares. The two-floored building will provide all the necessary facilities for passengers: a waiting room, ticket offices for all types of transport, information service, Luggage storage, buffet, etc. The bus station is planned to be equipped with the latest communication systems, advanced, including digital technologies. It will create optimally favorable conditions, including the appropriate service, Internet and other communication services.

Bus platforms will be adjacent to the building from the outside. Parking lots and other related facilities are also provided on the territory of the complex. Buildings for technical repair and maintenance of vehicles will also be built here. Much attention will be paid to landscaping: trees, ornamental shrubs and flowers will be planted on an area of more than 2.5 thousand square meters.

The location for the new bus station was chosen taking into account the availability of convenient access roads and traffic.

Commissioning of the facility with full readiness for operation is planned in February 2022.

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