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The epidemiological situation in Turkmenistan for COVID-19 coronavirus remains under control

The epidemiological situation in Turkmenistan for COVID-19 coronavirus remains under control

The epidemiological situation in Turkmenistan regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus remains under control. This was reported to "Turkmenportal" by the State sanitary and epidemiological service under the Ministry of health and medical industry of Turkmenistan, which provided full information on preventive measures taken to prevent the introduction of coronavirus into the country.

On February 7, the scientific Council of the Ministry of health and medical industry of Turkmenistan approved the "Interim guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus", on the basis of which preventive and diagnostic measures are carried out.

During the meetings of the Emergency anti-epidemic Commission (EAEP), issues of strengthening prevention measures against pathogens of acute pneumonia were considered, including carrying out work in medical institutions of the country to improve the skills of specialists and strengthen sanitary and epidemiological surveillance.

To protect the territory of the country from the import and spread of the disease in the border areas, control has been strengthened in sanitary and quarantine points and regional sanitary and epidemiological services. People coming from countries where the virus has been detected are also monitored.

At all points of entry, all citizens are remotely measured for temperature, and if they are found to have a fever, they are isolated and swabs are taken from their nose and throat for virological testing on COVID-19.

Specialized medical institutions – the center for treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in Ashgabat and all velayat infectious diseases hospitals and etrap departments of infectious diseases-have been identified for quarantine and monitoring of individuals in the country.

The state sanitary and epidemiological service has developed a questionnaire for epidemiological investigation of citizens who cross the state border and are hospitalized in an infection center.

The country has taken all measures to provide the necessary medicines and medical supplies.

The provision of medicines, antiseptics and personal protective equipment is monitored. The operation of thermal scanners is checked. Seminars and health education activities are conducted among medical and other relevant services. The stocks of disinfectants, medicines, and personal protective equipment have been replenished.

The Ministry of health has purchased a sufficient number of test systems for COVID-19 diagnostics. Diagnostic tests are carried out in the Virology laboratory of the Center for public health and nutrition, as well as in all velayats on the basis of velayat SES. All sanitary and quarantine points, as well as medical and preventive institutions and SES institutions are equipped with the necessary means of protection.

Held daily mass desperately across the country. 

Health education for the prevention of COVID-19 is currently carried out in all health care institutions, enterprises, organizations, educational institutions, schools and pre-school institutions.

Medical personnel teach citizens the rules of personal hygiene, safe behavior in public places, etc.

All medical and preventive institutions are equipped with protective clothing and other protection kits, and employees are given practical training on the use of these kits.

During explanatory interviews, the population is explained that the necessary preventive measures to prevent the import of this infection in Turkmenistan are carried out at all levels. There is no reason to panic, do not believe the rumors and spread them, since there are no registered cases of COVID-19 in our country.


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