The President of Turkmenistan held a field working meeting

The President of Turkmenistan held a field working meeting

The President of Turkmenistan held a working meeting during a working trip to the Lebap velayat, when visiting the Lebap cement plant in the Koytendag etrap, the state news Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

At the meeting, the relevant managers reported on the results of their activities to address the tasks defined in the country's socio-economic development Program for 2020-2025.

They noted the ongoing program work on the development of the country's regions, providing the domestic market with consumer goods, as well as further improving the social and living conditions of the people.

After hearing the reports and focusing on the importance of a scientifically based approach to the study of the region's natural resources and their industrial development, the Turkmen leader gave a number of instructions related to the construction of the second stage of the mining complex in “Garlyk”. Emphasizing its importance in creating jobs and improving the living standards of the population, the head of state demanded a responsible approach to solving these tasks.

In continuation of the topic, the President of Turkmenistan focused on the current state of Affairs in the “Garlyk” mining and processing complex and its production parameters and expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the state of this industrial enterprise, its unprofitable operation and other shortcomings.

All this is a consequence of the lack of a proper, responsible approach to the implementation of this project on the part of the contractor, the head of state said.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed dissatisfaction with the work carried out by the state concern "Turkmenhimiya", and declared the Chairman of this concern N. Nyyazlyev a strict reprimand with the last warning.

The plant for the extraction and enrichment of potash was built by the open joint stock company "Белгорхимпром" on the order of the state concern "Turkmenhimiya". This project was intended to open a new milestone in the industrial development of Turkmenistan, aimed at the development and processing of the country's huge raw materials.

But the implementation of the project was delayed by the contractor, with a large backlog were under construction of production facilities, has repeatedly postponed the timing of its commissioning, were carried out substandard construction and other requirements contractual obligations work, stated the Turkmen leader. All this is a consequence of poor organization of work by the contractor, his negligent attitude to the case.

When formulating tasks to correct the current situation with the MPP, the President of Turkmenistan gave clear guidelines for organizing, first of all, competent management of the complex. This enterprise should not only reach the initial capacity, but also significantly increase it, which is important for the development of the mining industry as a whole, as a new branch of the domestic economy, the head of state said.

The Lebap velayat is rich in minerals, has a good transport and logistics system and labor resources, including highly qualified personnel, certified specialists, which creates all the prerequisites for further industrialization of the region, the head of Turkmenistan noted. And we must effectively use all available opportunities to implement our plans for the country's industrialization.

Then President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the development of tourism in the Eastern region, in particular, eco-tourism. To effectively stimulate domestic and inbound tourism, we need to provide for the creation of a network of modern recreation centers with all amenities, the head of state noted, instructing domestic business structures to take appropriate measures in this direction.

The head of state also emphasized that an important requirement is the introduction of a digital system in production.

Summing up the results of the workshop, the President once again stressed that the large-scale transformative programs launched today in Turkmenistan are aimed at ensuring high standards of quality of life for people, which requires a comprehensive approach to their implementation.


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