Export of licorice root to be increased in Turkmenistan

Export of licorice root to be increased in Turkmenistan

Teams of The Turkmenabat agro-industrial complex "Buyan", armed with appropriate equipment, began to extract licorice or as it is also called licorice root, the website "Turkmenistan: Golden age" reports.
Licorice plantations spread along the left and right banks of the Amuderya floodplain.

Since 2008, a modern plant has been operating in Turkmenabat for processing the extracted root into dry licorice extract, which is exported. The high demand on the world market is due to the fact that licorice contains a large number of biologically active substances and is equated to ginseng root in many useful characteristics.

According to the results of exchange trading, our licorice root and its thick and dry extracts are very popular abroad. For example, here is a list of countries importing licorice: China, Russia, USA, France, UK, India, Serbia, UAE, South Korea, and many others.

This year, it is planned to significantly increase the production of medicinal raw materials and, accordingly, the supply of purified compressed root and its semi-finished products for export.

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