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Turkmenistan Railways trains launch free media library

Turkmenistan Railways trains launch free media library

The Turkmendemiryollary Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Communication of Turkmenistan has launched a new service – free access to media content. So far, the innovation is available only to passengers of new VIP railway wagon.

To get access to free files, a passenger of a VIP railway wagon needs to connect via Wi-Fi to a media server. Now about 200 films are available for viewing. It is expected that the media library will be periodically updated, including taking into account the wishes of passengers. In addition to watching movies, you can still listen to music, which is also in the public domain.

The creation of such a library was made possible thanks to the advent of high-speed Wi-Fi in trains. Turkmendemiryollary Agency plans that in the future the service will become available in other railway wagons as well.

Recall that from February 1, 2020, passengers are already offered the service of travel in VIP railway wagon. The VIP railway wagon offers additional comfort for passengers: dinner, soft drinks, tea or coffee (optional). Passengers are provided with disposable towels, slippers, a high-quality blanket. Coupe VIP railway wago designed for four people.

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