National Seminar on Climate Financing is Held in Ashgabat

National Seminar on Climate Financing is Held in Ashgabat

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) brought together over 50 representatives of the national and regional experts, diplomatic corps and international specialists in the area of climate change adaptation to the national seminar on access to international climatic financing for implementation of the National climate change strategy of Turkmenistan.

The goal of the national seminar was to familiarize the participants with the principles of international climatic financing, present the existing mechanisms and exchange experience of the ongoing projects in the area of climate change.

“Due to its geographic location, Turkmenistan is vulnerable to climate change effects and its risks, which is manifested by the shrinking volumes of the drinking water, raising levels of drought, and increasing frequency and intensity of the natural disasters,” noted Natia Natsvlishvili, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. “At the same time, being an upper middle-income country, Turkmenistan faces difficulties in received designated climatic funding. This is why we have gathered our partners to discuss the ongoing issues and their importance for achieving of the nationally defined contributions for implementation of the Paris agreement.”

Participants addressed such topics as the rational use of natural resources, including water and land resources, introduction of the feasible and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices and climate risk management, reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions through promotion of the energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy resources, sustainable transport, construction, municipal services and waste management.

UNDP experts delivered presentations on the Paris Agreements and its main principles reflected in the national Strategy on Climate Change. UNDP regional expert on climatic financing Natalya Olofinskaya delivered a presentation on the main principles of the climatic financing and the criteria for selection of projects from such facilities as Adaptation Fund and Global Environment Facility.

Further, participants conducted a group work to identify ideas and potential areas of the cooperation and application for the climatic financing in the areas of adaptation and mitigation. As a result of the national seminar, participants developed a draft action plan on further steps in expanding access of Turkmenistan to climatic financing, defined the role of public and private sector in the process.

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