Jay Richman (USA): “K-SPAN is a quick, easy, simple construction system”

Jay Richman (USA): “K-SPAN is a quick, easy, simple construction system”

The international exhibition "Main directions of development of industrial branches of Turkmenistan" dedicated to textile, chemical industry, production of building materials, telecommunications, transport, and logistics opened in Ashgabat today. The journalist of Turkmenportal got an exclusive interview from the representative of VICC VENCO IMTIAZ contracting company specialist Jay Richman 

- Could you briefly explain K-SPAN technology that you are exhibiting today?

- It is a quick, easy, simple expedient method of putting up structures. The structures can be anything from a simple warehouse to elaborate home or storage. It depends on what you want and what images you can have. You can have it from ground to ground or you can elevate it from air-to-air as you can see here. It can be 2 or 3 stores. 

- It is also useful for the apartments, right?

Yes, you can use K-SPAN for apartments, the military uses it for offices, warehouses, clinics, storage, home.

- Which kind of things or goods people can save inside that K-SPAN storage?

- Oh, Farmers use it for grain, chemicals, building materials.

- Have you brought those materials from America?

- You can buy the steal from many sources all over the world: The UAE, Korea, America, China, Great Britain.

- How much time it is needed to build K-SPAN storage?

- It depends on everything is in the design, but it is a simple structure, you can put it up less than 30 days after a complete foundation.

- What are your future visions in Turkmenistan?

- I am here, I am the technical expert on this K-SPAN system, I have been doing this work for 30 years in 84 countries. This could be a beneficial decision for most of the construction cases in Turkmenistan as well. 

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