Two groups of corrupt officials condemned in Turkmenistan

Two groups of corrupt officials condemned in Turkmenistan

The activities of two criminal groups have been suppressed in Turkmenistan. This was at the Cabinet meeting, which was broadcast on state TV, said the Prosecutor General of Turkmenistan Batyr Ataev.

The first group, according to the Prosecutor General, from September 2018 to July 2019 received bribes on a large scale from religious pilgrims who went to perform the Hajj in Mecca and Medina (Saudi Arabia). It included former leading specialist of the office of the mufti of Turkmenistan, Rovsen Allaberdiev, the former chief specialist of the personnel Department of this management of Mukhammetmyrat Gurbangeldiyev and a former leading expert of Department on work with religious organizations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kurbanberdi Mursakulov.

During the investigation, R. Allaberdiev, M. Gurbangeldiyev, and G. Mursakulov were prosecuted, their property seized. Money in large sizes, four apartments together with property are withdrawn from suspects. All three of the above-mentioned persons were sentenced, the Prosecutor General said.

Also, at the meeting, a video was shown where the prisoners admit their crimes, repented and tearfully promise never to do such a thing.

The second group of criminals, headed by entrepreneur Charymuhamet Kulov, were engaged in various illegal shenanigans. Together with the acting head of Department of the organization of trading, the State commodity and raw materials exchange of Turkmenistan by B. Aidogdyev, Director General of the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries by Yazmurat Muhammetmuradov they agreed on the theft of state property in especially large sizes and embezzlement of these funds.


The Prosecutor General also said that CH. Kulov was engaged in trade in various building materials, owned the capital's cafe "Suw Peri", without the permission of the Ministry of trade, did not pay taxes, and “Intended to smuggle a large amount of money in foreign currency”. Proceeds of crime cash CH Kulov sent to managed them shops, restaurants, acquired a residential house, various cars, and other property.

The Attorney General also cited cases of bribery by members of this criminal group in his report. So, holding the post of General Director of the Turkmenbashi oil refinery Yazmurat Muhammetmuradov in collusion with working as the head of the Department of textiles of the Cabinet of Ministers by M. Begliyov  received a bribe for providing foreign companies with assistance in the procurement of jet fuel, and B. Aidogdiev, who held the position of the head of the Department of organization of exchange trades of the State commodity exchange, took bribes at the exchange trades for assisting in the purchase of oil and gas products.

Another member of this criminal group – the former Minister of trade and foreign economic relations Amandurdy Ishanov, abusing his official powers, arranged for his relatives and friends to various senior positions of the Ministry, assisted at the expense of long-term loans in the purchase of an apartment of superior comfort intended for employees of the exchange.

In addition, during his tenure as Chairman of the State commodity exchange, A. Ishanov, at the exchange trades, at the request of CH. Kulov, assisted some companies registered abroad in the purchase of petroleum products at low prices and sale on unfavorable conditions for our country. A. Ishanov also contributed to the leasing restaurant "Bäş ýyldyz" state enterprise "Söwda Milli Merkezi", located on Turkmenbashi Avenue, Ashgabat city standing on the balance sheet of the stock exchange for a period of three years.

According to the results of the investigations, criminal cases have been initiated against all criminals who have committed illegal actions. The arrest of the acquired ill-gotten property, residential home, care of other property A. Ishanova, CH Kulova, Y. Muhammetmurad, B. Aidogdyev, M. Begliyov involved in criminal acts.

In connection with the illegal sale at low prices of oil and chemical products produced at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries and the state concern "Turkmenhimiya", the foreign currency funds transferred by foreign companies were seized.

All criminals are convicted depending on the severity of the offense, the Attorney General said.

After hearing the report of the Prosecutor General, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said that the ancestors of Turkmens said that “The herd is not without lame”, and this negative incident with Hajj is very sad.

"Our state is separated from religion, on the contrary, I always support believers – in the construction of mosques, Hajj, and other issues. But as they say, what will be, will not be avoided, and this situation does not paint us all, " Berdimuhamedov said, stressing that the saddest thing here is that people were deceived and faced with unholy deeds.

The President of Turkmenistan instructed the office of the Mufti of the country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out appropriate work in this direction among religious figures, and in the future to organize a trip of not 160, but 380 pilgrims to perform the Hajj, as well as to organize flights for others.

The head of state noted that an irreconcilable struggle will continue against those who cannot pacify their self-interest and are involved in dishonest deeds. Serious measures will be taken to prevent such negative situations. Also, addressing all the leaders, the leader of the nation stressed that for strict control over the issues of combating corruption and bribery, the necessary base has been created and further improved. This is a confirmation that the policy, the Foundation of which is based on honesty, will continue to be effectively continued, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed.

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