Rustam Bekmuradov (USAID): "We are proud of our partnership with Turkmen companies»

Rustam Bekmuradov (USAID): "We are proud of our partnership with Turkmen companies»

Rustam Bekmuradov, Director of the USAID project on competitiveness, trade and job creation in Central Asia, gave his comment on the occasion of an important event for the Turkmen business – the presentation of the ISO 9001 quality management certificates to the correspondent of Turkmenportal:

– On behalf of the USAID CTJ project, which means trade, jobs and competitiveness, I am very pleased to participate in one of the key transport sectors for our project – transport and logistics. We are proud of the partnership with the joint stock company "Turkmen miles logistics", created on the basis of the company "YUK ulag Merkezi" We are pleased to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Turkmen companies in order to increase exports, to promote Turkmenistan as a popular transit destination, because Turkmenistan is the heart of the Great silk road. And here, by contributing to help Turkmen companies, we seek to position Turkmenistan as an attractive destination for the transit of goods in all directions, connecting East and West.

Today is a special day – we have awarded the certificate of quality management ISO 9001 to our partner company. The certificate is a great achievement, the result of great work. The company was able to build its business processes, its work with customers and within the company under international standards. These standards are referred to as 9001.

This is not just a certificate – this is the sign of distinction that can be shown to customers, it is a long-term investment. There are many factors both external and internal. Internal – motivation of employees, correctly built policy with the staff, document management. On the outside – a great customer satisfaction with the quality of services. This is the marketing achievements of the company, it will be more attractive, it will be recognized. This certificate is international, it is recognized worldwide.

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