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Botanical garden in Ashgabat will be reconstructed

Botanical garden in Ashgabat will be reconstructed

Ashgabat Botanical garden – temporarily closed due to the fundamental reconstruction, wrote the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan".

According to the information, the Botanical garden infrastructure is being updated: the fence was sanded and painted anew to the metal base, new gates are being built, new walking paths are being arranged inside the garden. At the same time, an inventory of plants is carried out. An accounting will show how many species today includes a Botanical collection. Signs with scientific information are being prepared, which will be placed near the open-air copies. In the planned mode, work continues in the greenhouse and greenhouses. After the completion of all scientific and practical activities, it will be reopened to the public.

The Botanical garden was founded in 1892 when the Ashgabat specialized Botanical station was organized on this place. Then, on the basis of the station formed a Garden school, which laid the foundation for the future of the garden. The status of the Botanical garden was obtained in 1929, and since 1951 it was included in the Academy of Sciences of the Republic. On the terraces and greenhouses of the Botanical garden grow plants from around the world.

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