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“Eyyam Group” is a leading manufacturer of metal products in Turkmenistan

“Eyyam Group” is a leading manufacturer of metal products in Turkmenistan

"Eyyam Group" is a large manufacturing company that specializes in the manufacture and installation of metal products for industrial or general purpose. 

Since the Foundation of the individual enterprise "Eyyam" in 2012 and up to the present time, the company is focused on the production of high-quality, modern and reliable products that have earned recognition throughout the country. Today PE "Eyyam" produces a wide range of products: metal cabinets, shelving systems, electrical panels, fire-fighting equipment and much more. “Eyyam Group” products harmoniously fit into the interior of any room, whether it is an office space, a locker room of a production shop or a medical institution. Metal furniture has a lot of advantages compared to other materials: long-term use, the ability to store quite heavy objects, resistance to various kinds of damage, simple configuration of structures and mobility.

"Eyyam Group" has a full technological cycle of design and production of metal furniture and doors. The process is carried out in our own workshop in Anau. The basis of the development of the company takes German standards and requirements for the product, German technology, quality materials and responsible attitude to product quality. The production uses powder polymer paints imported, which have increased wear resistance and practicality. Application to the product powder coating affects the ease of maintenance and long service life.

Professional masters of the production company perform the manufacture of metal structures of the following types:

fire door, kitchen doors, General purpose doors, decorative doors, warehouse doors, security doors, acoustic doors, stainless steel doors;

General purpose storage cabinets, office cabinets for documents, mobile cabinets, security cabinets, folding drawers, as well as cabinets with installed locks;

fire extinguisher boxes, surface mount boxes, boxes with hard or glass surfaces, fire blanket boxes;

a complete line of racks and shelving systems and accessories used in the storage and display of products;

electrical panels, double door boxes, freestanding cabinets, server cabinets, extension cords, cable boxes, transformers;

On the company's website you can view the product catalog and detailed technical description for the entire range. All products are warranted.

PE "Eyyam" is a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, has a large staff of highly qualified engineers, designers, installers, and constantly cares about the high level of qualification of its employees.

During the time that has passed since the establishment of the company, "Eyyam Group" has established itself as a qualified, business and mandatory partner. "Eyyam Group" will be useful to such companies as industrial enterprises, power grid companies, construction companies, oil and gas companies, logistics companies.

The office of IP "Eyyam" is located at Ashgabat, (10 yil Abadanchylyk) street, Altyn Asyr shopping center. In order to make a reservation, just call at +99312478290. Orders are carried out throughout the territory of Turkmenistan.

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