Daily useful online services in Turkmenistan

Daily useful online services in Turkmenistan

Recently, a large amount of work has been carried out in Turkmenistan for the transition to a digital economy. We decided to share useful online services with our readers. 

1. Internet Banking service.

We spoke about this service in our previous publications. In short, this service is tied to a bank card, with which you can pay for communication services, credit, and so on, remotely via the Internet.

As we reported earlier, AKB “Rysgal” plans to launch “Internet banking” for entrepreneurs and organizations.

2. Personal account from AŞTU - Ashgabat city telephone network.

On the official website of the Ashgabat city telephone network, each subscriber can log into his personal account and watch the balance of the Internet, landline phone, IPTV. Also recently there was an opportunity to pay for these services online, via credit cards.

3. Purchase of airline tickets through the website Turkmeinstan Airlines.

On the official website of the airline Turkmeinstan Airlines you can buy plane tickets via the Internet. We told about it in the publication.

4. Buying train tickets through the Turkmenistan Railways website.

This service has been launched recently. With the service you can purchase train tickets. The service can be used through the website, as well as through the mobile application. On the official website you can see the route schedule, the location of the cash desks. We talked about this service in more detail.

5. Buying tickets for intercity buses.

On the website of International Passenger Bus Terminal of Ashgabat you can buy tickets for long-distance transport. Another special thing - the ability to choose a place in the bus. That is, via the Internet using a bank card, you can buy a ticket and a seat on the bus.

6. Mobile application "Tmcell töleg"

With this application, you can replenish the balance of TMCELL, the balance of the Internet Turkmentelecom. You can read more about it here.

The introduction of such services creates convenience for people. With the advent of these opportunities, people do not have to go to the ticket office and stand in lines, save time, work becomes easier. We, in turn, will share with such technological news with our readers.

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