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11 popular online services of Turkmenistan

11 popular online services of Turkmenistan

In connection with the growth of Internet users, lately many useful software and web sites are being developed. Using these services you can: add ads, buy and sell goods, read news, pay on the phone, download songs, etc. In this article we will talk about several such well-known online services.

1. TMCell payment

It is a development of CJSC “Altyn Asyr” in the form of a mobile application. Designed to facilitate the replenishment of the balance of subscribers TMCell. By installing the application on your mobile phone, and linking your bank card, you can replenish the balance of the phone without fees. About this service on the web site of CJSC “Altyn Asyr”.

2. Internet-banking service

As is known, the Internet-banking service launched by banks for its customers has been operating successfully for several years. There are 2 types: Internet-banking of Altyn Asyr bank cards and special Internet- banking of some banks for their clients. Internet-banking in brief: make various payments using a bank card through the Internet, view card balance and payment history and similar useful services. Internet-banking of some banks for their clients: with it, you can look at the balance on the account, loan balance, deposit agreement, etc. (For example, the Turkmen-Turkish JSCB, JSCB Rysgal). We talked about Internet-banking in detail in one of our previous publications.

3. Mobile-banking service

The only difference between mobile-banking and internet-banking is that it is designed only for phones and tablets and exists as a mobile application. Internet-banking - in the form of a web site, mobile-banking - in the form of a mobile application. Information on the link.

4. Tiz taksi

TIZ.TAXI - Is a mobile application and is designed to order a taxi through the Internet. There are special tablets installed in taxi cars, in which you can see such indicators as distance, route, price and speed. Developed jointly with the Ministry of Road Transport and CJSC “Altyn Asyr”.

5. Demiryol

Demiryol - mobile application developed by the Ministry of Railway Transport to obtain information about timetables and type of trains throughout the country. There is also a web version on the web site of this ministry.


Unlike other online services, in our site you can always read the latest news, useful publications on various topics and get acquainted with posters. Interesting articles are published frequently. The most famous and "TOP" are considered to be computers and modern technologies (IT, Hi-tech). In the "Poster" menu, you can always get acquainted with information about upcoming exhibitions, schedules of films and performances in cinemas and theaters, events, etc. Also, you can read useful information about institutions of higher education, tenders and see photo reports.

7. TMCars

Surely very few people who do not know about this application. In "TMCars" you can watch and add cars, auto parts and other products in the form of ads. It is considered the most used and “TOP” application for the sale of cars and other goods. Detailed information about the application on the link.

8. Vestnik

One of the first web sites for the sale of various goods.

9. SMS notifications from SKE “Turkmentelekom”

SMS informing the subscribers of Internet users "Turkmentelekom" through the personal account.

10. TMCell Sazz

TMCell Sazz - With this application you can download different music and songs to your phone.

11. Nesip etsin

Nesip etsin - application developed recently. Despite this, it gained popularity among users in a short time because of its speed and modernity. The main features of the application are that the ads are neatly divided into categories, users can quickly and easily find the right product, and the application works very quickly. In addition to the above, there are still many useful online services and applications. If you know about such applications, write to us and we will share with our audience.

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