Sanatorium-resort complex "Mollakara"

Sanatorium-resort complex "Mollakara"

Mollakara is a unique health resort.

Sanatorium-resort complex "Mollakara" with two, three and six-story residential and medical buildings, equipped with mud and hydropath, laboratory, physiotherapy unit, diagnostic and other departments. In Mollakara, 815 people can simultaneously undergo intensive treatment and rehabilitation.

The miraculous place called Mollakara impresses with a high concentration of salt in the water, healing mud and healing beach sand. The local water, mud and even beach sand are healing and simply “work” miracles, saving people from many diseases.

The healing power of the famous Turkmen resort "Mollakara" is known to people for over a hundred years. At the end of the 19th century, by the observant shepherd of Kara Molla, the medicinal properties of the mud of a local lake, which had been discovered by the end of three decades, received the official status of a health resort.

Sanatorium balneological, specializes in mud and water therapy, in particular, bathtubs. Healing mud lake, whose water is highly mineralized, contains a large amount of sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium and bromine. The chemical composition of the lake's waters changes with the changing seasons of the year, so the color of this healing reservoir also changes. According to medics, Mollakara is not inferior to the famous Dead Sea in Israel. Mollakara mud, based on clay and sand, surpasses the crimean gypsum by its healing properties. The sanatorium also uses medicinal volcanic mud, which is so rich in the Balkan region.

This unique resort has ultra-modern devices UHF, ultrasound, ECD, computer tomograph. There are specific, for example, for topical application of mud applications, dry water massage, halotherapy, barotherapy, cryotherapy, ozone therapy.

The new resort complex included the lake. On its shore there is a solarium for restoring health in the open air. And here, vacationers can, as they say, combine business with pleasure, because in Mollakara not only water and mud are healing, but also sand. Therefore, species such as the Karakum hot sand treatment and hot stone treatment have developed here. They come here to treat diseases of the blood vessels, joints, digestive tract, nervous system, urological, gynecological.

Mollakara is a unique health resort, which has become another clear evidence of the formation of a full-fledged infrastructure of recreation and health in the country.


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