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How to check balance in VISA card in Turkmenistan?

How to check balance in VISA card in Turkmenistan?

You thought that the balance of Visa and Master cards can only be checked at ATMs with foreign currency? We hurry to disappoint you that it is not so! The balance can be checked at all ATMs or by sending SMS to a phone number.

To use the last option, you need to have an alert connected to the phone number on the card. This is indicated in the application form that you wrote to get the card. If you did not do this, then you will have to contact the bank and write an application for connecting the SMS.

Instructions for checking the balance of VISA and Master cards in ATMs:

  1. Insert the card into the ATM.
  2. Select a language.
  3. Write the card password.
  4. Click “Request Balance”

Please note that the ATM will show the entire balance on the card, but the available balance will be if you subtract the deposit from the balance. 

Instructions for checking the balance of VISA cards using SMS:

  1.  Create a new SMS to number +0717
  2.  In the text write: BALXXXX (XXXX - this is the last digits of your card number). For example, if you have a card number - 4402 5100 0000 2123, then the send text will be BAL2123.
  3. Later you will receive an SMS with the rest balance.

If you connect an SMS alert to the above number, then you will also receive alerts about your transactions on your card.

Also, you can connect alerts to your e-mail. For this you need to write a statement. We draw your attention to the fact that when applying for a card, you can simultaneously indicate in it the connection of SMS services and e-mail alerts.

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