The rules of a non-boring look: simple things and interesting combinations

The rules of a non-boring look: simple things and interesting combinations

It is a mistake to think that only new dress or trousers will help create an interesting look. New clothes, of course, will cheer you up, but you can look stylish in things that have been in your wardrobe for a long time. To do this, you just need to know some of the techniques used by professional stylists.

Let's figure out how to create fashionable images from a boring wardrobe.

First you need to divide things into basic and statement. The first includes things that form the basis of your style and correspond to your lifestyle, figure, taste, etc. The second group of items - statement - will be clothes with an unusual cut, bright prints, lace, decorative details, as well as interesting accessories (a complex belt, a bag with bright details, large jewelry) and shoes. Also, statement things include seasonal hits.

Now let's move on to stylistic devices.

Layering - several layers of clothing, each of which is independent. That is, if you remove one layer, the image will look holistic and harmonious.

Details are needed to enliven the image, make it attractive or even bold. Statement can be accessories or shoes in rich colors or with decorative elements, details of the cut of clothes, etc.

Eclecticism is a combination of different styles in one image, unexpected and non-standard combinations. For example, a biker jacket over a floral dress or paired with a tutu skirt.

Color detailing. The color in the details of the clothes should overlap.

Monochrome in clothes. When creating an image in one color scheme, use things in the same color, but with different textures or break it up with details and prints. This will prevent the costume ensemble from merging into one color spot.

Also, fashion stylists advise to approach shopping rationally, that is, shopping should be thought out so that new things do not hang dead weight on hangers.

For example, when visiting the Ashgabat store of the Turkish brand Koton, imagine a complete image. Mentally combine your future purchase with the things you already have in your wardrobe. In addition, you should think about how many times you will wear a new thing - this will save you from “disposable” outfits.

The Koton brand itself specializes in the manufacture of casual wear. In the brand's collections, there are a prevailing number of basic items in various shades, ranging from pastels to bright and trendy ones. Often a Turkish manufacturer offers affordable options for podium hits.

Koton also has a large selection of jewelry, bags and shoes.

It is worth noting that various promotions are regularly held in the Koton store in Ashgabat and there is always a 5% discount for birthdays.

You can get acquainted with the assortment of the Koton store in the “Berkarar” Shopping and Entertainment Center on the second floor.

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