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9 lightweight outerwear for autumn weather


The summer heat left Turkmenistan, giving way to autumn with its long-awaited coolness. It's time to think about light outerwear to feel comfortable and fashionable in the off-season.

A denim jacket is a versatile item in the wardrobe of adults and children. Perfect for warm October days in Turkmenistan. A denim product is comfortable and most importantly not boring to wear. Trend models 2022-2023 are replete with a variety of options, no doubt everyone can find a denim jacket to their liking. Oversized denim jackets, cropped, torn and frayed, with embroidery or a pattern, will help you create both romantic and daring looks.


The nylon windbreaker is a 90s aesthetic that has been popular in recent years. A light windbreaker will be an excellent companion in changeable weather, when the warm sun gives way to drizzling rain and wind.

There are many stylish solutions with what to wear with a windbreaker jacket: with black leggings and sneakers, with a short A-line skirt, with wide trousers also made of nylon, with airy skirt and warm tights.

A cropped leather jacket or a leather jacket will make the look bold and memorable. There are a lot of interesting combinations with a leather jacket - this is a dress (preferably in a contrasting color), and a pencil skirt, a pleated skirt, as well as trousers and jeans.


A quilted or puffy vest combined with a warm jumper will save you from the autumn chill. If quite recently the vest was an element of clothing for a tourist or athlete, now such a model is boldly combined with trousers, a dress and jeans. Fashionistas do not have to complain about the variety, there are many options: short, elongated, on the belt, quilted, with prints and embroideries.

Poncho is an element of traditional outerwear for the inhabitants of the Andes (Latin America). Modern ponchos have entered the women's wardrobe due to the variety of styles: long and short, with a voluminous collar and with a deep neckline, warm and thin, with and without sleeves, with decor in the form of leather inserts, fur, fringe, etc.

The cape can be inscribed in any image, it all depends on what fabric and in what design it is made. Poncho made of natural wool or cashmere - for a strictly business look, in ethnic style, plus in combination with accessories and suede shoes - for a bohemian look. Poncho looks good with jeans and skinny pants, as well as with skirts of different lengths.


The bomber jacket is the top trending item for the 2022-2023 season. A distinctive feature of the style are the elastic bands on the sleeves and waist. Until recently, the bomber jacket was the subject of a purely male brutal wardrobe. Today, designers offer a lot of solutions for women. A sporty bomber jacket will help you put together a practical, but at the same time dynamic and effective look. A satin jacket in a duet with classic trousers and a shirt is a harmonious set for work.


Cardigan is a warm knitted jacket with a V-neck was part of military uniforms, but in 1918 the incomparable Coco Chanel included this model in her collection.

A cardigan is simply necessary in a women's wardrobe, comfortable and versatile, with its help you can create interesting images for every day.


Raincoats and trench coats are classics of the demi-season wardrobe. Raincoats in basic shades: black, beige, gray and white can be worn from season to season, boldly combining with clothes and accessories of different colors. However, famous designers every year offer different variations of styles, colors and textures.


Anorak will protect from wind and rain and will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of a person who loves sports and outdoor activities. The difference between an anorak and a regular jacket is the absence of a traditional fastener, a maximum of a short zipper, so the model is worn over the head. Anorak is not suitable if you want to save styling.

In Turkmenistan, you can pick up trendy clothes for the autumn-winter 2022-2023 season at LC Waikiki, Mavi, Avva, Koton, Koton Kids, Altınyıldız Classics and Ramsey brand stores.

The stores present new collections for children's, women's and men's wardrobes. Clothing from Turkish manufacturers is distinguished by quality and style.

It is worth reminding that promotions and discounts are regularly held in stores, and all customers, regardless of the purchase amount, can become owners of the Asman Shop card. Up to 10% cashback for purchases is returned to an individual card.

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