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How to assemble a “master's suitcase”: a checklist of necessary tools from Ingco


Each of us at least once repaired something at home. The need to hammer a nail, tighten a loose screw, glue wallpaper often arises, but usually no one is in a hurry to call professional masters to perform such a simple job. Most people in the house have a minimum set of working tools with which they can carry out simple or moderate repair or construction work at home. Usually this is a hammer, nails, pliers and two or three screwdrivers. This minimum can be supplemented with tools that should be in every home and which not even a professional master, but an “amateur” and even a woman can handle.

Roulette. It is most practical if it is made of metal, covered with enamel with clearly marked numbers. It is very convenient to have two roulettes - a smaller one, up to 3 meters long, and a longer one - 5-10 meters.

Retractable knife. Depending on the width of the blade, it can cut wallpaper, linoleum, drywall and even plastic panels. It is necessary to choose a knife with an embossed non-slip handle.

A hammer with a nail puller - it is very convenient for them not only to hammer, but also to pull out unnecessary or bent nails.

Drill driver with a set of drills. You can’t just “take” a concrete or brick wall with an ordinary hammer and nails, so such a tool will always come in handy.

A set of screwdrivers with flat, cruciform and figured tips in a variety of sizes. A convenient option is one screwdriver-handle with interchangeable nozzles.

Screwdriver-indicator - to determine the magnitude of the voltage in the network.

Wrench sets of different diameters - from 7 to 22 mm.

Hexagonal wrenches of different diameters are convenient for tightening loose bolts in a limited space.

Pliers and cutters. There are also combined models that combine both of these tools.

Saw for woodworking and hacksaw for metalworking.

Wrench. It can act as a replacement for a set of wrenches, but is often inconvenient to use due to its rather large size. Nevertheless, it is very popular among the masters.

“Bulgarian”, combining a cutting tool and a grinder. For home use, a tool with a disc diameter of 125 mm is suitable.

Level - to level walls or floors, evenly hang pictures, mirrors, shelves or cornices. The level can be laser or regular – “bubble”.

Nails, dowels, self-tapping screws should be in every home, in assortment and of different lengths.

Stepladder - Instead of balancing on a stool set on a table and risking falling, it is best to work at height, standing on a stable stepladder.

All of the above is a rough list of what you should have in your arsenal of home tools. An excellent choice would be to purchase all these tools from one manufacturer and in one place. The easiest way to do this is in the store of the official representative of the Chinese Ingco company in Turkmenistan - a manufacturer of working tools for repair and construction work.

Products from Ingco Standart series are perfect for home use. For craftsmen there is a huge selection of working tools, fasteners, equipment. These are electric drills, and sets of keys and screwdrivers, and tools for working with metal, and also compressors, grinders, consumables and much more.

The range of Ingco products can be found in the store at the address: Ashgabat, G. Kulieva street (former Bypass), Peýkam building. There is also a social media account.



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