How the computer mouse has changed: from wooden cube to wireless technologies

How the computer mouse has changed: from wooden cube to wireless technologies

At seeing of modern gadgets, sometimes you wonder how the creators came to this idea?

For instance, such a simple device as a computer mouse, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern personal computer. Who invented the computer mouse and when?

On December 9, 1968, at a conference on computer technology, the American inventor Douglas Engelbart presented for the first time a manipulator for pointing objects on the screen.

Interesting fact is that Douglas Engelbart has developed the mouse on an assignment of Nasa, but the invention wasn’t duly appreciated because it didn’t work in gravity free conditions.

Why “mouse”?

This computer device owes its name to a wire, because it reminded to the creator a mouse tail and presented a wooden cube on wheels with one button.

The creator of the mouse was sure that the nickname would be temporary, and soon his invention would receive more sonorous name.

The first popularity

The computer mouse become popular only in the 1980s. The patent for the production of the device was purchased by Apple company, which refined and simplified it.

The cost of the first mouse

If converted to the modern currency, the first computer mouse cost nearly 1000 US dollars, but Apple managed to reduce it to 25 US dollars.

Mouse evolution

Xerox company released a ball mouse in 1981. The cursor was set in motion with the help of the ball and two rollers located inside. It was light and convenient in use, but there was a huge disadvantage: frequent dust accumulation on the ball, which plugged the roller.

In 1996 Microsoft launched mass production of the mouse with scroll wheel, with the help of which it was possible to scroll text document or zoom images. It could be used without the mousepad and cost 84.95 US dollars.

In the late 90s LED and digital optical mouse take place of dusted balls and rolls, inside of which light emitter and special sensor reminding a video camera. Their disadvantage was insecure work on glass, smooth and polished surface.

The first serial wireless mouse appeared in 2001. Later in 2004 Logitech company presented a mouse with laser sensor, which is in a dozen of times more sensitive than the optical one, that is why the cursor on the screen displayed more precisely and didn’t glitch. The controlling of such mouse was possible on any surface except the smooth surface.

Technologies make progress, and wireless mice become more and more popular because they can be used without physical connection to the computer. If the inventor of the fist mouse Douglas Engelbart had visited website, he would be surprised how many devices are gathered in one place.

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