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"Attic" design - loft style philosophy

"Attic" design - loft style philosophy

Brutal and spacious loft-style rooms are very popular today. In this architectural direction, residential or office space resembles an attic or an industrial zone building. The idea of converting the buildings of former factories into apartments and workshops of creative people first arose in the 1940s in New York. A decade later, the loft style was on the crest of a fashion wave, turning the once abandoned industrial districts due to high rental prices into the center of New York's bohemian and artistic life and securing their "elite" status.

Decades have passed, and the loft style is back in fashion. Today, this style is used not only for residential buildings, but also for offices, restaurants, coffee houses and shops. And for good reason, because modern reality is full of fuss, thereby provoking the emergence of design solutions, which, on the contrary, are distinguished by their simplicity and minimalism.

In addition to undisguised structural elements and unplastered concrete or brick walls, designers also pay considerable attention to decorative items in the loft style. As you know, this industrial trend is characterized by discreet decor, wooden or iron furniture, as well as such details as abstractions in modern or heavy antique frames, lamps on brackets, non-standard stands and other accessories.

Zemmhome offers modern and exclusive loft-style furniture. Elegant coffee and coffee tables, TV stands, flower stands, tables, chests of drawers, console and bookshelves, racks, as well as other decor items - all this and much more can be purchased at the Zemmhome store. The range includes eco-friendly wooden, iron and combined high-quality furniture that will ideally complement any room.

“Loft style is minimalism, conciseness and functionality. A feature of this direction is simplicity and spaciousness, therefore, when choosing furniture, one must also take into account the fact that it should not include pretentious details. No frills - only useful items and details. It is this kind of furniture that we offer to consumers, and we buy goods only from trusted leading manufacturers”, said the Zemmhome store specialist.

To simplify the search for furniture in the loft style, the official website of the Zemmhome store has a special category "Loft style furniture" and subcategories, using which you can quickly navigate and select the desired item.

The store also sells other household goods, including textiles, dishes, carpets and other decorative items.

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