10 facts about the health benefits of the sea for children

10 facts about the health benefits of the sea for children

All the time spent by the sea is life-giving and healing, since the sea and the sea climate are extremely beneficial for children's health. The sea has the most positive effect on the child's body, strengthens the immune system and improves the nervous, respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

Why is this happening and why the sea has such a beneficial effect on the human body. For these questions, there are 10 facts about the health benefits of the sea for children.

1. Skin improvement

The sea salt contained in sea water is very beneficial for baby's skin, as it has antibacterial properties and promotes rapid healing of any wounds, tones and cleanses the skin. And the process of swimming in the sea noticeably improves the condition of the skin.

2. Great benefit in viral diseases

Sea water kills many bacteria and viruses, which is why sea water is often used to treat colds and any ailments of the ear, throat, nose. If the child has a runny nose, sinusitis, tonsillitis or sore throat, then washing or gargling with sea water will help in recovery.

3. Getting a micro massage while bathing

In the sea, when bathing, sea water has an effect similar to massage and triggers metabolic processes in the skin and tissues, well improves lymph flow, thereby removing all toxins from the body.

4. Improving immunity

Very often sick children are recommended to be taken out to the sea several times a year. And all because the sea contributes to the general strengthening of immunity, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, and also improves oxygen circulation. It is also recommended that your child has a tangible health effect from staying at sea, it is recommended to plan a trip lasting at least two to three weeks.

5. Tangible benefits for breathing

The sea air is completely saturated with useful elements, especially in the sea air there is a lot of iodine and a huge amount of oxygen. Inhalation of sea air makes breathing as complete as possible, due to which lung function improves and the blood is saturated with oxygen. There is no dust in the sea air, as in the city, and it clears the respiratory tract of many harmful substances.

6. Body cold training

In general, the sea helps in cold training the child's body. Changing exposure to hot air, as well as bathing in cool water, promotes cold training.

7. Saturation of the body with useful substances

The huge benefits of sea water are achieved due to the large amount of nutrients. The composition, which includes mineral salts, atmospheric gases, iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chromium, iron, chlorine, gold, silver, barium. The more salts are present in the water, the healthier it is. Also, replenishment of selenium deficiency Sea salt saturates the child's body with useful microelements.

Almost all children living in megacities have a selenium deficiency. Selenium protects cells from free radical damage. A trip to the sea with a child helps to replenish the selenium reserves in the child's body.

8. Noticeable strengthening of the nervous system

The sea relaxes and at the same time calms: the sound of the surf, waves. All this, together with the salts and iodine of sea water, relieves fatigue, anxiety, and also contributes to the complete rest of the child after the school year.

9. Positive impact on the intelligence of the child

The iodine contained in sea water has an effect on the development of memory and intellectual abilities of children, and playing with sand and pebbles trains motor skills and also has an excellent effect on speech and thinking. The psychotherapeutic effect is also beneficial, since children become much calmer and healthier after a seaside holiday. Watching the water surface and listening to the sound of the surf, the child relaxes, feels calm and harmony with nature! A few weeks at sea will help your child regain health and invigorate for a whole year.

10. Exercise the body

Walks along the seashore are very useful for general strengthening of the body. This is an excellent water treatment just as good as a contrast shower or exercise in the pool. Such walks have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, activate reflex points on the feet (due to sand and stones at the bottom of the sea), and train muscles. The benefits of hot sand are very beneficial for the child. Children are always playing in the sand: building magic castles, burying themselves in the sand. The hot sand treatment even has a name - psammotherapy.


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