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International Surgery and Endocrinology Centre

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The endocrinology centre consists of consultative diagnostics, angiography and radiation diagnostcs, general endocrinology, diabetology, thyroidology, endocrinology surgery, interventional surgery, intensive care and anaesthesiology, first aid and physiotherapy departments. The centre have different medical specialists like endocrinologists, endocrinology surgeons, paediatricians, ophthalmologists, neuropathologists, physicians, andrologists, angio surgeons and other.

There are also weight correction, dietology and nutritiology rooms in the department where metabolism and digestion malfunctions can be not only detected but also be treated by individual approach taking into account endocrinology, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal issues. There are also rooms for functional diagnostics like electrical cardiography, X- ray, computer spirography, ultrasound diagnostics, echo cardiography. There are also Holter monitoring apparatus for control of arterial pressure and synchronized ECG registration from Medilog Darwin (Germany).

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