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In Dolce Mia gelateria, 20% discounts on the entire range with the promo code "Turkmenportal"

ТРЦ «Беркарар, 3 этаж.
(+993 65) 65 33 67
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From July 28 to August 11, visitors to Dolce Mia will receive a 20% discount on the entire range using the promo code “Turkmenportal”.

At Dolce Mia, you will be surprised by the variety of flavors of the famous Italian dessert - 22 types of gelato and delicate sorbets, as well as 3 types of soft ice cream.

Opening hours: from 9:00 to 22:00

Address: SEC "Berkarar", 3rd floor.

Phone: (+993 65) 65 33 67.

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