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Breakfast at the Soltan restaurant: start the day with taste and benefits


How to start your day right? Of course, with a delicious breakfast that will charge you for the whole day. This opportunity is provided to Ashgabat residents and guests of the Turkmen capital by the Soltan restaurant, located along Andalib street.

The restaurant opens at 8 am, which allows working and business people to come here before the start of the working day. And on weekends, families come here to taste freshly baked pastries, delicious dishes, fragrant coffee and Turkish tea.

An extensive menu, including Turkish and European dishes, opens up an opportunity to choose from a hearty Turkish breakfast, distinguished by its variety and an abundance of snacks on the table, or a light dietary one.

Elegant serving is also important, which Soltan pays no less attention to than the taste of dishes, quality service and just a pleasant atmosphere in order to have a delicious breakfast and continue the day in a good mood.

Already in the morning in the restaurant you can order lunch, which will be delivered to you anywhere in the city, or book a table for dinner.

Soltan restaurant address: st. Andalib, 80 B, 2nd floor (Mir-4)

Phones: (+993 65) 69 16 16, (+993 12) 47 40 25, (+993 12) 47 40 26.

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