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A new children's fairy tale is staged in the theater of Dashoguz


The production of a new musical fairy tale for children called Jadyly söz (“Magic Word”) has started at the State Music and Drama Theater named after Nurmuhammet Andalib, Dashoguz velayat.

According to the publication "Turkmenistan: Golden Age", the play was created based on the work of the same name by playwright Aymamed Ishangulyev.

The director of the production is Guvanch Baymedov. Last year, the musical play Azaşan owlajyk (The Lost Goat), which tells about friendship and mutual assistance, was warmly received by young viewers.

The new performance takes the children to a fairy-tale world, where, along with the main character, the shepherd Batyr, such characters as Dev, Lamb, Wolf, Fox and others are involved.

The main little hero will face a difficult test. Leaving Batyr alone with the flock, his father goes to the mountains in search of medicinal herbs that can heal Batyr's seriously ill mother. However, there the father becomes a prisoner of the Dev. Now Batyr, in order to cure his mother, must be rescued from his father's captivity.
The director and actors strive to help children in the formation and development of such kind, humane feelings as love and respect for their parents, care, attentiveness, goodwill.

- Although the new work in the genre is a fairy tale, we are working on it with all seriousness and responsibility, - says Guvanch Baymedov. - In the process of staging, the advice of the famous children's poet Annaberdy Gochamanov, the professionalism of our graphic designer Chingiz Torayev and the musical designer Meylis Nuryev help me a lot.

The new work involves such theater artists as Begli Dovlyev, Meret Seyitov, Halmyrat Shyhiyev, Pirnepes Hojanepesov and others.

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