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The number of socks brought to "Dobby's grave" causes concern among environmentalists


Fans of Dobby, the first free house elf from the Harry Potter saga, continue to wear socks to the place considered to be his grave as a symbol of liberation from slavery, WORLD 24 writes.

The Freshwater West beach in Wales, where Dobby's death scene was filmed, continues to fill up with socks that fans bring in, despite the insistence of environmentalists not to do so. The coastal ecosystem is under threat due to the number of socks brought in. Local marine life - seals, lizards and gulls try to eat socks and get poisoned from this.

In November 2022, environmentalists already once urged Potter fans not to bring socks to Freshwater West Beach, but their requests were never heard. The Welsh authorities have already threatened to destroy the site of pilgrimage.

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