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New books released in Turkmenistan for the upcoming academic year


Every year, by order of the Ministry of Education, the State Publishing Service of Turkmenistan issues a number of books, manuals and workbooks in Turkmen and foreign languages for secondary schools.

According to the publication "Turkmenistan: Golden Age", among the novelties prepared for this academic year, several books are intended for first-graders: "Drawing", "Artistic work", "Music and singing", "Turkmen language", "German language", "Mathematics" and "Fundamentals of Informatics".

The updated German book will be given to the 6th grade students, and the books “Turkmen language” and “Fundamentals of the state and law of Turkmenistan” have been issued for ninth graders.

New books on school subjects "Literature", "Algebra", "Geometry", "Chemistry", "Computer Science" and "Culture of Behavior" have been prepared for 10th grade students with Turkmen and Russian as the language of instruction.

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