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Turkmenistan will increase minimum wage, pensions, salaries and other payments from January 1, 2024


From January 1, 2024, wages, pensions, state benefits, scholarships for students and trainees will be increased by 10% in Turkmenistan from January 1, 2024. The corresponding Decree was signed by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov today at an expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. This is reported by the electronic version of the newspaper "Turkmenistan".

According to the document, a 10% increase from the new year will be received by employees of budget-funded institutions, self-supporting enterprises and public associations, as well as pensioners, recipients of state benefits, students and trainees.

The document sets the minimum wage in the country at 1 280 manat, which will be used to regulate monthly wages.

The document also notes that the increase in wages will be ensured by improving the structure of institutions, enterprises and organizations, increasing the efficiency of using production capacities and labor productivity of workers, and using unused internal reserves.

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