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The head of Turkmenistan congratulated the President of Slovenia on the Day of Statehood


President Serdar Berdimuhamedov sent heartfelt congratulations to the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Ms. Natasha Pirc-Musar, on the occasion of the national holiday of the country, Statehood Day, celebrated today, announced the news program “Watan” of the Turkmen television.

Taking the opportunity, the head of Turkmenistan expressed his sincere wishes to President Natasha Pirc-Musar for good health, happiness and well-being, and for the people of Slovenia - peace, further progress and prosperity.

Slovenian Statehood Day is celebrated annually on June 24 to commemorate Slovenia's independence in 1991 and its secession from Yugoslavia. Despite the fact that the de jure declaration of independence of Slovenia was adopted only on June 26, the country's actual withdrawal from the SFRY was held a day earlier after the adoption of the necessary bills.

It is noteworthy that on June 25, 1991, the day the independence of Slovenia was declared, the Bank of Slovenia was founded.

In addition to Statehood Day, Slovenia also has Independence and Unity Day, which is celebrated on December 26.

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