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A list of the most difficult modern songs to perform has been compiled


The “Central News Service” has compiled a rating of the most difficult contemporary vocal compositions to perform, which are extremely difficult to repeat.

Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody. This composition is rightfully considered one of the greatest in the history of modern pop and rock culture. It harmoniously combines elements of hard rock, ballads and opera. The main success was brought to her by the unique vocals of Freddie Mercury.

Eminem, Rap God. The speed with which Eminem pronounces the words in this composition is impressive - 110 words per minute, and in total there are 1560 words in the song, for which she was included in the Guinness World Records. Keeping this pace of speech is far from being possible for everyone.

Chorus of song Asereje by Spanish band Las Ketchup. The chorus in this case is not a meaningful text, but a phonetic adaptation of Rapper's Delight's vocal chant. Therefore, without having the text of the chorus in front of your eyes, it is extremely difficult to repeat it by ear.

Aria Diva Dance from the movie “The Fifth Element”. In the film, this composition is performed by the character of Plavalaguna, an alien opera diva, and was voiced by the Albanian opera singer Inva Mula. The composition itself consists of two parts - an aria from Donizetti's opera “Lucia de Lammermoor” and a fast part written especially for the film by Eric Serra. It was this part that was partially processed on the computer to give the voice of the character “alien”. It is believed that only a few vocalists around the world can repeat this composition “live”.

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