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Europe is warming faster than other parts of the world


The rate of warming in Europe since the 1980s has been twice the global rate, Mir 24 reports, citing the conclusions of climate scientists.

In 2022, Europe was 2.3 degrees hotter than in the pre-industrial era. The past year was the hottest on record for a number of countries: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Warming causes extreme weather events: abnormal heat waves, droughts and storms. The greater the rise in temperatures, the more ferocious they become, climatologists stressed.

The Alps experienced a record mass loss of glaciers in 2022. The average sea surface temperature in the North Atlantic was the highest on record, with warming rates in the eastern Mediterranean, the Baltic and Black Seas, and the southern Arctic more than three times the global average.

Also, in 2022, the highest amount of solar radiation was recorded since observations began in 1983.

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