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In Morocco, the prototype of the hero of the film “1 + 1” died


The 72-year-old French businessman Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, who served as the prototype for the character of the film "1 + 1", has died, the MIR 24 portal reported.

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo was a descendant of an old noble family from Corsica and the owner of the house of Pommery champagne. In 1993, while paragliding, he was injured and remained paralyzed for life. As a round-the-clock assistant, he was hired by Abdel Yasmine Sella, a Frenchman of Algerian origin.

The story of Pozzo di Borgo and his assistant served as the basis for the script for the film "1 + 1" directed by Eric Toledano, starring François Cluzet and Omar Sy. A remake was later filmed in the US called 1+1: A Hollywood Story starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart.

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