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A new branch of the educational center Gujurly Bilim merkezi will open in Anau


Gujurly Bilim merkezi, a training center for learning foreign languages, computer literacy and mathematics, opens its third branch.

Another point of Gujurly Bilim merkezi will be opened in the suburb of Ashgabat - Anau. In honor of the opening, a festive program has been prepared with performances by Turkmen pop stars and circus artists. Guests of the event, including the youngest ones, are waiting for various quizzes with prizes and a lot of ice cream.

The opening will be held on June 1 at 18-00 at the address: Anau, st. Azatlyk, 15. Admission is free for everyone. Phone for additional information: 64 88 55.

The private educational center Gujurly Bilim merkezi conducts short-term courses in foreign languages (English, Russian, Deutch, Chinese), mathematics, and computer literacy.

Registration for the summer training season in all three branches of the center has already begun. To register, you must have a copy of your birth certificate or passport and the full amount of payment.

Addresses of Gujurly Bilim merkezi center in Ashgabat:

  • Magtymguly avenue 73, shopping center “Turkmenistan” (Department Store) 3rd floor, phones (+993 12) 94 28 00, (+993 12) 94 27 55, (+993 12) 94 29 07;
  • microdistrict Mir-1, st. 1953 (Molodezhnaya), 144, telephones (+993 12) 45 45 46, (+993 12) 45 45 470, (+993 12) 45 57 47.

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