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A method to obtain a substance that costs more than the Earth with all the resources has been found


Scientists have found a theoretical method for obtaining the most expensive substance in the world, one gram of which would cost more than the entire planet with all its natural wealth, writes the “MIR 24” portal.

The substance was called nihonium, it is the 113th element of the periodic table of Mendeleev. It can only be obtained from calcium-48 using a particle accelerator (calcium-48 is one of the rare calcium isotopes). By dispersing the ions of calcium carbonate-48 to a speed of about 30 thousand km per second and forcing them to collide with the foil, you can get the 115th element of the periodic table - moscovium. And during the alpha decay of muscovy, extremely radioactive nihonium is already formed, which, however, can only exist for thousandths of a second.

One gram of nihonium is valued at 157 sextillion dollars. Only there will still be no one to sell this substance due to the lack of such an amount even among multimillionaires.

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