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A photographer from Turkmenistan has created a collection of unique art objects

A photographer from Turkmenistan has created a collection of unique art objects

Annanur Rejepov, a photojournalist for the “Nesil” newspaper, creates photographs of various subjects that attract the attention of connoisseurs of this art form.

The photographer creates works with the help of computer technologies, widely using the capabilities of the Photoshop program. Today, in his personal gallery, there are about 50 photographs that differ in thematic and stylistic diversity.

Of course, passion has its roots. Annanur is a graduate of the Turkmen State Art College named after Shota Rustaveli and has professional skills and artistic taste that help in creating photographic paintings.

Annanur Rejepov has been engaged in the “production” of art objects for less than two years. Favorite thematic interiors are the nature of Turkmenistan, the historical context, applied art.

“The creation of one work usually takes 4-5 days, sometimes the plot is suggested only by a detail of a photograph that inspires, excites the imagination”, - says the master.

Paintings created on the basis of photographs are an exclusive product. However, the photographer does not aim to turn his hobby into a business, he is attracted by the process itself, and therefore his gallery is located exclusively in the space of his own computer and sometimes the Internet.

At the same time, last year, Annanur, along with his photographic works, submitted to the creative competition dedicated to the holiday of the Ahal-Teke horse, and an original art work on a given topic.

Fans of Annanur Rejepov's work are sure that his computer-generated paintings deserve to be presented to a wide audience of photography lovers.

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