About 8 tons of humanitarian aid for the victims in Türkiye was sent from Turkmenistan


Another batch of humanitarian aid to the victims of the earthquake was sent to Türkiye from Ashgabat, announced news channel TRT Avaz.

This week, the Union of Women of Turkmenistan, under the coordination of the Embassy of Türkiye, sent an 8,6-ton truck with humanitarian aid, consisting of medical supplies, winter clothes, shoes and beds.

Let us remind that on February 6, a series of earthquakes occurred in southeastern Türkiye and northern Syria with an epicenter near the Turkish province of Gaziantep. The strongest was a shock of magnitude 7,8, the second strongest was a shock of 7,6 points in the province of Kahramanmarash. In total, the earthquake affected 10 regions of the country. The number of victims of earthquakes in Türkiye exceeded 45 thousand people.

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