Passenger and freight trains collide in Greece

Passenger and freight trains collide in Greece
Photo: nur.k

Not far from the Greek city of Larisa, on the night of February 28 to March 1, a freight and passenger train collided, as a result of which at least 29 people died, 85 were injured, some in serious condition, reports the “MIR 24” portal.

In total, the passenger train from Athens to Thessaloniki carried about 350 people. The wounded were sent to local hospitals, another 270 people refused hospitalization, they were transported from the crash site by bus to Thessaloniki.

From the impact, the first cars of both trains were almost completely crushed, the wheels from them rolled 100 meters from the railway track. Several wagons caught fire. It is not yet known for what reason both trains were moving towards each other along the same path.

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