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The first website for teachers in Turkmenistan was launched

The first website for teachers in Turkmenistan was launched

Since January this year, TmPedagog has been launched in Turkmenistan - the first website for teachers.

The purpose of the online resource is to promote the exchange of the best experience between the teachers of the country, inform about new developments and methods in the field of education, publish the creativity of teachers, disseminate information about their achievements.

On the web resource, you can find sections with news, useful tips for novice teachers, new developments of Turkmen teachers, poems, fairy tales, stories, information about competitions, and various announcements.

As reports the publication “Turkmenistan: Golden Age”, the site was created by entrepreneur Dovranguly Annagulyev. So far, the site resources are available only in the Turkmen language. A mobile application will soon be developed, where it is planned to publish news in Turkmen, Russian and English.

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