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For the New Year, Altyn Ýunus has released a series of holiday sweets in a gift box


Sweet treats are loved by all children and many adults. Of course, what could be better than pampering yourself with a sweet snack to lift your spirits?

Altyn Ýunus offers a wide variety of sweets for every taste.

Recently, the assortment of manufactured products, widely known under the Ýunus brand, has been replenished with original chocolate products created using Belgian technologies.

New products include chocolate bars, chocolate eggs, chocolate coated waffles, aerated chocolate, lollipops and much more.

Altyn Ýunus has released a whole series of festive sweets in gift wrapping on the eve of the New Year. These are porous milk chocolate, and chocolate figures of Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden, as well as the main symbol of the upcoming 2023 - the Rabbit.

All those with a sweet tooth will surely appreciate the taste of the Springa nutrient bar with roasted peanuts, nougat and caramel, covered in a thick layer of chocolate. There is a lot of peanuts in the filling, which will help fill the lack of energy during the day: in class, at the office, on a walk or on the road.

In addition, chocolate with nut filling is presented in the Hozzi and Honi series. In addition to bars in individual packaging, this type of sweets is sold as a set. In the Springa Paked Candies series, miniature chocolates are packaged in 200 grams in each soft package.

Heavenly pleasure will be presented by the Broly chocolate bar. Dark chocolate with coconut pulp contains a lot of fiber and healthy fatty acids that lower cholesterol. Coco San bars are also present in the line of sweets with coconut filling.

For fans of soft chocolate, the Tower bar has been developed, in which the tenderness of nougat prevails. A variety of other taste experiences are available in Sundey bars, Todino, Bäşlik, Bilyard, Atom, Bubbly, Sowgat, Çempion, Glory, etc.

Let us remind, IP Altyn Ýunus has been operating in Turkmenistan since 2014. Having expanded the range of manufactured products since 2020, the company began to produce flour and chocolate products.

The rates of domestic production of chocolate and chocolate products show a positive growth trend, stimulating the process of import substitution. Today, chocolate produced in Turkmenistan can compete with the confectionery products of many foreign brands.

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