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Cattle are being prepared for the change of season in Turkmenistan

Cattle are being prepared for the change of season in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan's livestock breeders are completing preparations for winter, “MIR 24” reports.

Before the change of season, it is important to provide a food base and monitor the physical condition of the animals so that they do not experience stress associated with the change of seasons.

Some large complexes in Turkmenistan use personal plots for forage growing.

One of such farms was visited by the film crew of the Russian TV channel.

“At this warehouse we store animal foodstuff. Here is everything necessary for long-term storage. Each type of foodstuff we keep at the separate warehouses. Here, for example, will be stored dry fodder and wheat straw. Preparation is still in process”, told to the correspondents Meretdurdy Babayev, the worker of stock breeding complex “Sahabatly”.

“We are preparing the premises for the wintering of livestock. It is necessary to do everything correctly in order to preserve the livestock. To increase both productivity and profitability of production. The immune system of the animals has already been strengthened”, said local veterinarian Chary Yagmyrov.

In the off-season, livestock needs special attention from veterinarians and enhanced nutrition. The cows eat at the same time twice a day. Each cow takes at least 40 kilograms of feed per day.

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