American youth showed unexpected activity in the US elections

American youth showed unexpected activity in the US elections

Many more young people came to the US congressional elections than was the case in the previous elections, reports Fox news columnist Shannon Brim.

Noting the increased political activity of young Americans, the representative of Fox news emphasizes that their participation in the elections is not just informational noise, but a conscious choice.

In the November 8 elections in the United States, all members of the House of Representatives, a third of the Senate, as well as the governors of several states were elected. The counting of votes continues, but according to preliminary results, the leading positions of the Republicans in the elections to Congress are noticeable, and by a solid margin. The exact results of different news sources vary, but no one doubts the victory of the Republicans.

According to US President Joe Biden, the presence of a majority of Republicans in Congress promises him serious difficulties in the remaining two years of his presidential term.

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