A tasting of dishes of the European Cuisine was held in Ashgabat

A tasting of dishes of the European Cuisine was held in Ashgabat

As part of the European Culture Week in Turkmenistan, the “Berkarar” shopping and entertainment center hosted a tasting of dishes of the national cuisine of Europe.

The visitors of the tasting campaign, and this is the largest audience, had an opportunity to taste a variety of dishes of the folks of Latvia, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Germany, France, Romania and Italy, reports the “Turkmenistan: Golden Age” publication.

The treats were prepared by chefs and employees of embassies accredited in Turkmenistan, as well as masters of local businesses specializing in the preparation of European cuisine.

Thus, entrepreneur Shasenem Garlyeva presented pastries from France and Italy. Neapolitan and Roman pizza, chocolate croissants, pasta - sweet macaroons and other delicacies were prepared from the products of Italy and France and according to their classic recipes.

Polish dumplings, German potato pancakes, Romanian meatballs in grape leaves, Latvian cold soup enjoyed great success with the public.

Strawberries in Belgian chocolate were in special demand, they were second only to Italian ice cream in demand.

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