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Çamsan Parkelam specialists will advise on the choice of flooring

Çamsan Parkelam specialists will advise on the choice of flooring

Choosing the right flooring is no easy task. To date, the construction market of Turkmenistan offers a wide range of floor coverings that are distinguished by wear resistance, design, and cost.

What to consider when choosing a floor covering? The sales assistants of Çamsan Parkelam stores will tell you.

The official representative of the Turkish manufacturer Çamsan Parkelam in Turkmenistan invites customers to pay attention to modern flooring made of high-quality material - parkel.

Parkelam is a cross between parquet and laminate. It is made from natural hardwood chips without the use of synthetic elements. By installing this floor covering in the office or at home, the consumer can satisfy the demand for environmental friendliness and safety for health.

During the operation of the floor covering, some materials may release harmful substances. For instance, in the manufacture of low-quality laminate, melamine is often used. Thanks to this chemical, the laminate becomes more impact resistant and waterproof. However, in a cheap laminate it is much more. Which is especially harmful to the human body.

A distinctive feature of Çamsan Parkelam products is full compliance with high international standards, and also the presence of FSC certificates for safety for health and EPLF for environmental protection.

At the Çamsan Parkelam sales center, experts can advise customers on how to install this flooring correctly and quickly. And when buying 50 sq. m. of material, customers receive absolutely free delivery of goods, and a nylon substrate 0,3 mm under the parkelam.

Addresses of Çamsan Parkelam product stores in Turkmenistan:

  • Ashgabat, G. Kulieva street 2127, building 41, Säher building. Phone (+993 63) 72 62 74;
  • Turkmenabat, street Zelili, Gurluşykçy shop. Phones: (+993 65) 95 43 43, (+993 62) 95 43 43;
  • Mary, street Aytakova (Kalinina), Artiklar Gurluşuk store. Phone (+993 62) 34 43 15;

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