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Restoration of Notre-Dame's stained glass begins


In Paris a restoration works of Notre-Dame's stained glass begins. Work has started to restore the stained-glass windows at the Notre Dame cathedral, more than three years after a fire destroyed its roof and collapsed its spire. During the incident the windows of the cathedral were heavily soiled with smoke and dust which blocked external light and obscured the range of colours of the 170 years-old glass.

At present time eight glass manufactures from France have begun the painstaking operation to clean and restore 39 high windows in the medieval cathedral's nave, choir, transept and sacristy, reports ABC News publication. In the process of restoration also taking part the workshop of Cologne Cathedral in Germany, whose masters are restoring the stained-glass of four high windows. After the fire in 2019 the cathedral has been closed for restoration.

The aim is to reopen the cathedral by 2024 when France hosts the Olympic Games.

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