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From Turkmenistan 9 works were submitted to the “Caspian without borders” competition


The other day, the acceptance of applications for the contest for the best journalistic work – “Caspian without borders" has been completed. This year, much more interest was shown in the competition compared to the past, reports.

This year, 43 representatives took part in the competition (a total of 25 participants in 2021) from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan. In total, they submitted 113 applications (61 a year earlier) and 162 works (almost 100 more than a year ago).

It was noted that the most active was the journalists from Russia – they presented 112 works. Representatives of Kazakhstan sent 38 works, from Turkmenistan – 9, from Azerbaijan – 3 works.

The names of the winners will be announced on the margins of the Caspian Media Forum in September this year.

We should add that the works in the nominations were distributed the following way:

  • PhotoCaspiy – 54;
  • Man and the Sea – 30;
  • Discovering the Caspian Countries – 52;
  • Caspian is a territory of health – 16;
  • Fresh Look – 10.
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