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An influx of natural gas was received at the Sherepli field, Mamyt Tashtanov from Kyrgyzstan will make a bike ride around Turkmenistan, the Roskino festival will be held in Turkmenistan from August 8 to 28


1. An industrial flow of natural gas was received at the Sherepli gas field in Mary velayat. According to experts, the daily flow rate of the well is 695 thousand cubic meters of natural gas. Such a primary production volume gives reason to believe that this field is quite promising.

2. The elder of the city of Osh of the Kyrgyz Republic, Mamyt Tashtanov, went by bicycle to the city of Bursa (Türkiye) to participate in the IV World Nomad Games. The 75 years old cyclist will travel through Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Türkiye.

3. Doctors admitted that the therapeutic mud of the Turkmen resort “Mollakara” is not inferior to the mud of the famous Dead Sea in Israel. Salt Lake Mollakara, left over from the dried-up bed of the Old Uzboy, stretches for 105 kilometers. The chemical composition of the water in the lake changes with the change of seasons, so the color of the reservoir also changes. The mud in the lake is sterile - it disinfects itself.

4. The Russian Film Festival will be held in Turkmenistan on the VOD IVI online platform. From August 8 to 28, five Russian films, including two full-length films and an animated series, will be available for free viewing to all Turkmen viewers. The screening program includes the films “One Breath”, “Takeoff”, “Hello Again!”, “Family Budget” and the animated series “Sport Tosha”. Films will be shown in Russian with subtitles in Turkmen.

5. A fire broke out as a result of a lightning strike on an oil tank at a large oil storage facility in Cuba. The incident happened at the base of supertankers for storing crude oil in the city of Matanzas. Lightning struck the dome of the reservoir, designed to store 50 thousand cubic meters of oil. At the time of the incident, it was half full.

6. On October 19, the “Commonwealth of Fashion” forum will be held in St. Petersburg, which will bring together fashion professionals, designers, industrialists, art and business representatives from the CIS countries. The Forum “Commonwealth of Fashion” is held for the first time, its goal is to strengthen cultural ties and economic interaction in the region.

7. Athletes from Turkmenistan won seven awards in kurash wrestling at the international competitions “Children of Asia”, which are held in Russia. Wrestlers from Turkmenistan won two silver and five bronze medals. The national team of Turkmenistan already has 16 medals. In the overall medal count of the sports games “Children of Asia”, the team of Turkmenistan takes the tenth place.

8. The national team of Turkmenistan arrived in Konya to participate in the Islamic Solidarity Games. The opening ceremony of the Islamiada will be held on August 9. 483 sets of medals will be played at the games. Turkmen athletes will participate in competitions in athletics, archery, 3x3 basketball, cycling, fencing, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, karate, kickboxing, swimming, weightlifting, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling and traditional archery.

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