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Prices monitoring on the construction materials will be carried out in Turkmenistan


In Turkmenistan will be carried out a monitoring of the prices for construction materials. This follows from the Monitoring Procedure published on the legal information portal of the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan.

The document defines the procedure for collecting, processing, providing and storing information on the current selling prices of manufacturers of construction materials, products, installations, equipment, machinery and mechanisms on the territory of Turkmenistan, suppliers from abroad and within the country, as well as the principles of formation of estimated prices for the purpose of determining the estimated cost of construction.

Monitoring will be carried out by control of prices for construction materials, collecting, change tendencies analysis and setting of estimated prices.

The State Department of Methodology, Pricing and Expenditure Values of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan will monitor and evaluate the dynamics of prices for construction resources. Estimated prices for construction resources are approved by the order of the Minister of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan.

Monitoring and pricing estimation will be conducted in three stages, they are:

  • compilation of a list of construction resources, collection and registration of their prices;
  • determination of estimated prices of construction resources;
  • preparation of information on prices for construction resources.

As a result of monitoring, a “Collection of estimated prices for construction resources” will be published 2 times a year.

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